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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Tentsile Stingray Tent

Tentsile Stingray Tent
When I was a kid, the Sasquatch craze was in full bloom, with multiple shows and specials about the hairy beast. We lived in the woods and my imagination was incredibly vivid. Every noise or movement was further proof that Bigfoot was on our deck or outside my second-story window looking in. Needless to say, I didn't do a lot of solo camping back then.

Fast forward decades later. I just watched Les Stroud's new series on the Science channel called "Survivorman: Bigfoot."  And the fear is back. I need to do something. I have to face my fear. Live amongst the giant. But how to observe him in his natural habitat while giving myself a measure of security?

I will live in the trees. And I have just the right tent to do it.  The Tentsile Stingray is my answer. The Stingray is a 3-person air-born tent. It is triangular, with straps stretching from each corner to a tree. the straps are secured to tree via ratchet mechanism to create a perfectly suspended treehouse. It comes with a removable flysheet which can be pegged outwards to the ground to create a covered porch area. The tent is accessed via a floor hatch in the bottom of the tent or via the large front door.

If you put this thing high enough, say 12 feet off the ground, you should be out of the reach of Bigfoot. I'm not sure if Bigfeet (is that the plural?) can jump, but if they can you might want to put it a little higher.

Of course, if you don't believe in Sasquatch, then you can lower it somewhat. It will still protect you against know predators - snakes, ground insects, skunks, bears (to a certain extent) so it is still a good value. And who didn't love a good treehouse when they were kids?

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