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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I love simple solutions to seemingly complex problems. One of my favorites is the story of the American astronaut talking with a Russian astronaut. He was explaining how they were a having a problem writing with a pen while in zero gravity. He went to say that traditional pens work on the concept of pressure and gravity. We press down on the ball of the pen and gravity forces the ink downward onto the ball and onto our paper. Finally a contractor came up with a solution that involved adding a battery to the pen to create pressure and push the ink to the end of the pen. The American astronaut then asked the Russian astronaut how they solved this particular problem. The Russian said, "We used a pencil."

The BottleKeeper does just this. It keeps your bottled beer cold and protected. And it's design is one that when you see it, you say to yourself, "Well, Duh!" But did you think of it? No. Neither did I, and now I have something else to castigate myself with.

The BottleKeeper is made of a stainless steel shell, lined with 4mm of neoprene. The padded bottom of the shell is threaded and screws off to allow you to fit this over any standard long neck bottle. The cap (similar to your standard water bottle cap) simply screws on to keep the bottle secure.

The benefits of this product are endless (well, not really endless, but there are a lot of them.)

  • Around the pool - no worries about breaking that bottle on the concrete
  • Hiking - if it falls off a cliff, it might still be intact
  • Driving - Looks like a water bottle, doesn't it? (Not condoning this behavior.)
  • At the 5k - Wow it looks like you're really a dedicated runner, but really you just like to drink
  • Any place that you want to people to think you're drinking water but you're not.

The BottleKeeper comes in the three colors, stainless, pink, or blue. You can also customize this with your favorite NFL team or college team. As of this writing it doesn't appear that Wisconsin is one of the school logos you can get on the bottle. Shame on you, BottleKeeper!

My hope is that they come out with ones that fits both the shorter bottles (lots of IPAs), and taller bottles (Corona.) But I'm sure they'll figure that out.

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