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Friday, May 8, 2015

CiloGear Ultimate Mountaineering Pack

Poor old Patsy. He was King Arthur's sherpa/pack mule in "Monty Python & The Holy Grail." He hauled everything but the kitchen sink for the King. All without ever so much as a grumble or complaint. The least that the King could have done for him is give him a decent pack to carry all the gear.

If King Arthur were around today, I'd suggest giving Patsy CiloGear's Ultimate Mountaineering Pack. This 75L Worksack is made specifically for heavy loads. Whether you're climbing the foothills of England or the highest peaks in the world, you'll be glad to have this pack.

CiloGear Ultimate Mountaineering Pack
CiloGear Ultimate Mountaineering Pack
The pack is made of a super tough, super light fabric called Woven/Non-Woven Dyneema® (W/NWD®), which was developed after more than five years of R&D. It's pounds lighter than the competition and has three times the abrasion resistance of 1000d Cordura. Oh, and did I mention it's waterproof?

This isn't the cheapest pack you'll buy, but it's probably the last one. You'll be giving this to your kids who'll give it to their kids. Eventually it will be brought to the new space station we'll all have to live on after we destroy the Earth. (No pessimism here!)

Just what was Patsy carrying for the King that was so all-fired important? I never saw him use any of it. Perhaps when Patsy said his only line of the movie, "It's only a model" he was really referring to his pack. We can only hope.

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