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Monday, May 11, 2015

AMK Pocket Survival Pak

Admit it. You're one of those doomsdayers that think the end of the world is coming soon. Not sure what gave you that idea. Perhaps it was the meteoric rise in greenhouse gases that have eliminated much of the ice caps? Maybe it was the fact that now every Tom, Dick or Harry country can get their own nukes? Maybe you're a strict follower of the Mayan Eagle Bowl calendar which predicts the end of the world in 2012?

Well, talk is cheap, my friend. Actions speaker louder than words. [Insert additional Cliches here.] What you need is a plan. Say you're out walking the dog when it all goes down and you can't make it back to your survival shelter housing 3 years' worth of provisions. What will you do then, smart guy? I'd say the first smart thing you can do is carry the AMK Pocket Survival Pak. It's got everything you need to survive in the jungle - concrete or otherwise. Fish Hooks for catching fish out of Central Park Pond (sure they'll be contaminated, but a guy's got to eat), Duct Tape for extra padding on the soles of your shoes (post-apocolyptic pavement might be very hot), Tinder Quik for getting that fire going and cooking up some nice "Sewer Rat Stew," and tons more stuff. Just think, if you plan ahead and have a cameraman follow you wherever you go, you may just have the makings of another survivalist TV show! ( TVs left on planet.)

This Survival Pak, made by Adventure Medical Kits, weighs in at a miniscule 3.9 oz and is only 4" x 5" x 0.652" big so it'll fit nicely in your pants. Sure, you'll hear the joke "...or are you just happy to see me?" about a million times, but you'll have the last laugh when those guys come begging for you to catch 'em some fish.

As Karl Malden so famously said, "Don't leave home without it."

Here's what the AMK Pocket Survival Pak includes:

    Duct Tape
  • 1 - Duct Tape, 2" x 26"
  • Instrument
  • 1 - Pencil
  • 4 - Safety Pins #3, 2"
  • Sewing
  • 1 - Heavy Duty Sewing Needle
  • 1 - Heavy Duty Nylon Thread (50 ft.)
  • Survival Instructions
  • 1 - Waterproof Survival Instructions
  • Survival Tools
  • 1 - Aluminum Foil, Heavy Duty, 3 Sq. Ft.
  • 1 - Compass, Button, Liquid Filled
  • 4 - Fish Hook, #10
  • 1 - Fresnel Lens Magnifier (2" x 3")
  • 1 - Nylon Cord, #18, Braided, (10 ft. 150 lb test)
  • 1 - Pocket Survival Pak Contents List
  • 1 - Safety Wire, Stainless Steel, (6 ft of 0.020")
  • 1 - Scalpel Blade #22
  • 1 - Signal Mirror, Rescue Flash™
  • 1 - Snap Swivel, Size 12
  • 1 - Spark-Lite™ Firestarter
  • 2 - Sinkers, Tin
  • 4 - Tinder Quik™
  • 2 - Waterproof Paper
  • 1 - Whistle, Rescue Howler™

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