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Monday, May 18, 2015

Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub

Nomad Collapsible Tub
Are you "That Guy?" When you go to a party, does anyone even acknowledge that you have arrived? Do you find that people avoid the space or room that you're standing in? When you strike up a conversation, does the other person suddenly say, "It looks like I need a refill," and b-lines away from you?

If you are "That Guy" there is still hope. You just have to bring something to the party that gives you instant party cred. Something that says, "I know how to party the right way."

While it's not a six-pack or some fireball, the Original Nomad Collapsible Hot Tub is just the thing to get the party started.

This collapsible hot tub is designed to be easy to set up and get soaking. Simply insert the framing tube and support poles. If you want it hot, attach the separately purchased heater coil unit, then fill with water. The whole process takes just 20 minutes. For remote sites, Nomad recommends using a Honda WX10 portable water pump that is capabe of filling the tub in 10 minutes.

The 225 gallon tub is 60" in diameter and 24" high. The Nomad comes in red, yellow, or black and has 18 oz vinyl walls and has a 24 oz. vinyl floor.

Friends sold separately.

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