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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Zondo Self-Heating Gloves

As a man that loves the outdoors, I have to admit I'm somewhat of a wimp. I get cold really easily, especially at my extremities, the fingers and toes.

Zondo Self Heating Gloves
Of course I would never admit this to anyone. Instead I would make excuses to come off the mountain. "Hey, let's go grab a beer!" Or, "did you see Donald Trump just going into the lodge? Let's go see if his hair is real!"

I've tried a million different types of gloves and boots, none of which helped. Remember Thinsulate?

And thanks to our obsession with naming previously common conditions for which there needed no name, I now know I have "Raynaud's Disease," which is a syndrome that causes some areas of the body to feel numb and cool in response to cold temperatures or emotional stress. It was first described in 1862 by Maurice Raynaud (1834 - 1881), a French physician.

I can picture it now. Maurice was at the top of the Eiffel Tower in January, wearing paper thin, silk gloves, and he thought to himself, Mon Dieu, Je suis froid! (My God, I'm cold.) He clearly thought he was the first person to have ever experienced this condition. And, being the attention hound that he was, decided to name it after himself.

Now instead of screaming, "I'm freezing!" I can scream, "I've got Raynaud's Disease!"

Finally, someone has used a bit of science to solve this problem. Zondo has teamed with Astec to produce a Self-Heating Gloves and Insoles.  These products contain a unique fleece fabric which draws energy and reflects body heat in order to raise and maintain your natural body temperature. The polymer metal coated fibers create an excellent circulation of warmth. There are no batteries and the fabric lasts for the life of the product, so no replacing heating elements.

The gloves are touchscreen sensitive too, and come with a nice zippered pocket to hold valuables.

This is another gem I found on kickstarter, and they are reasonably priced at $55 USD with a projected delivery date of November 2015. Just in time for ski/snowboarding season!

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