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Friday, April 3, 2015

GSI Glacier JavaPress

Sacre Bleu! What's with the French and their effete accents, their duvets, their bidets, and their fancy coffee? Excuse me, I meant café. Don't you just want to hate them? But you can't, because that coffee is so good! But how's a man to get good coffee like that when he's out in the wilderness? Well, the waiting is at an end. Now is the time to get yourself a GSI Glacier Stainless JavaPress.

The GSI Glacier JavaPress makes French Press coffee renowned for its elegant simplicity and a rich, smooth, pure taste that cannot be duplicated with drip, filter or percolator-type coffee makers.

The GSI JavaPress is a thermally-insulated, double-walled carafe with a pour-through lid to keep your coffee hotter longer. The durable Glacier Stainless® steel body and stable, high impact plastic base will give you years of reliable coffee in the outdoors.

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