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Friday, February 6, 2009

Life-Link Professional Snow Study Kit

We're sorry to hear that you lost your job. Your parents thought you were crazy when you told them you wanted to be a rodeo clown. But you're a man who follows through on your dreams (and you loved the idea of painting your face.) So you got yourself a pair of baggy britches, changed your name to Slim and headed out west to earn the big bucks. After 20 broken bones and countless hours spent doing the Ostrich Jockey, Devil in My Barrel, and Crazy Ambulance, you were told to hang up your chaps (the cowboys were complaining that you spent too much time inside the clown lounge and not enough time protecting them.)
So you're looking for a new line of work. How about becoming an Avalanche Forecaster? Instead of saving bronco busters, you can now save renegade, avalanche-starting snowboard jockeys. You'll need some whoop-daddy equipment though, so be sure to lasso some quality gear such as the Life-Link Professional Snow Study Kit.
The Life-Link Professional Snow Study Kit is used by snow controllers, backcountry skiers, snowmobilers, mountaineers and avalanche forecasters throughout the world. It includes Two Dial Stem Fahrenheit Thermometers, Slopemeter, Snow Crystal Card, Snow Pit Card, 25x Magnifier and an organizer to hold it all.
It'll be so dope to bust out the "I'm an AF" at parties. After they ask, "What's an AF?" you can go into detail ad nauseum. And the Arctic Cougars will really dig you.

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