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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Glow Dog Reflective Jacket

When I was younger, we had a dog named Maggie. Mags was a Scottish Terrier. You know…a Scotty. She was a great dog. She loved to fetch and play tug of war. She was a little wary of strangers, but once you got to know her she would be your best friend. (In fact she just wouldn’t leave you alone.)
However, Mags had some faults. She didn’t like little kids. I think that’s because the neighborhood kids would stand just outside the reach of her chain and tease her. Those rotten punks. Bullies is what they were.
Another fault was Maggie’s obsession with anything moving. She liked her bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, and she especially liked her cars. She liked racing ‘em, chasing ‘em, and unfortunately she liked to get underneath the wheels. Yes, you guessed it. My poor little Maggie got run over by a car. You could hardly blame the driver. It was night time and Mags had gotten off the leash. I heard the screech and came running out. Mags was sitting in the middle of the road looking all dazed and confused. She got nailed pretty good. We almost lost her that night, but with a little help from our friends at the emergency vet clinic and a couple thousand dollars she was as good as new.
I’ve learned a lot about this experience. The first is, don’t get a black dog. But if you do, the second thing I’ve learned is to get yourself a Glow Dog Reflective Jacket. This weatherproof, lined jacket provides full-torso coverage, uses secure nylon straps with Velcro® closure. It’s made from polyester and microfiber materials that are Telfon® coated allowing greater breathability and moisture wicking. The lining is soft, durable and non-pilling. During the day the jacket is an attractive color, and at night the oncoming headlights reflect back to the driver who sees the entire item as bright white. This is because the fabric is embedded with millions of tiny mirrors” that reflect back to any light source. How amazing is that?

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