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Monday, January 5, 2015

SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker

National Birdwatchers of America Newsletter - January 2015

Hello Members! Happy New Year! 2015 is going to be a very memorable year for our organization. We have several new initiatives that we think you'll be excited about. First, after much persistence and on-site protest, we have gained entry into the Umatilla Hunting Refuge so we may track the migration of the beautiful snow goose as it makes its way down from Canada. Members, be sure you wear your blaze orange vests if you decide to visit this area. We all remember what happened to Bill Johnson last year when he decided to go camo with that duck decoy stuck to his head. May God rest his soul.

Secondly, we now have access to the Mt. Hood National Forest, so for the first time you may be lucky enough to get a glimpse of the rare Comb-Over Eagle--a cousin of our nation's most treasured bird, the Bald Eagle. The only difficulty in finding this bird is that it prefers to nest near the peak of Mt. Hood. So we recommend the following equipment: Climbing Ropes, Harness, Carabiners, Ascenders, assorted other climbing gear, cold weather parka, your special fog-free binoculars with built in digital camera, and most of all, the SPOT Satellite Personal Tracker. The Spot Satellite Tracker uses a network of global satellites to track the users. You can press 3 different buttons to summon help. There is a 911 button that contacts a national Rescue center that is manned 24 hrs a day who will contact the proper rescue officials in your area; a HELP button that you can register on their website with up to 10 personal contacts for friends and family via phone or text messaging; and an OK button that a user with web access use to can track progress and location of the person with the Tracker.

One last thing, members! Remember, annual dues are coming up. We've been able to keep them at the same great rate of $949/year. Please get those payments in soon so we can keep providing you with this great information and keep you in touch with your passion of bird watching. And remember our slogan, "If You Don't Get Hit With Birdsh**, You're Not Looking Up!"

--Your faithful President,

Bruce Flutters

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