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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Aquapac Camera Case

Dude! Wassup? How's your summer going? We totally missed you on our canoe trip last week. It was tight! I'm so knackered today though. Brandon was totally letting air biscuits fly all weekend. It was like one big bug bomb. Coop got so s-faced that he was barking at the ants Friday night. We got some good pics of that! And best of all--CJ and Sean swore they saw bigfoot at the edge of the river. Yeah, I said it. Bigfoot. They're all screaming and freaking out, and we're like, "What are you freaking out about, JO?" So CJ grabs his camera and jumps into the river thinking it's only a foot or two deep and he goes straight down. He popped back up and swam to the shore but by that time we were way down river and there was no bigfoot anywhere. I think they made the whole thing up. Anyway, his camera was totally buggered. Man he was hella-pissed. He now has something against bigfoot. What did bigfoot ever do to him? I told him to take it easy and next time he should get an Aquapac Case to make sure his camera doesn't get wet. Just think dude, we could have totally been famous, but CJ has to foul it up because he doesn't have an Aquapac Case. They're totally waterproof and are designed with ultra-clear optical quality acrylic lens that allows you to take photos directly through the case, keeping your camera protected at all times. Plus, it's guaranteed submersible to 15 ft. AND it floats safely in water! It also comes with an adjustable neckcord. Oh, and it's PVC free, which I guess is a good thing. Not sure why. Anyway, dude, we totally missed you. Trip of a lifetime. CJ's going back this weekend on a Bigfoot expedition. I told him to stay clear of the water. Ha! L8R, dude!

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