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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Reach The Summit Sale Going on Now!

In case you didn’t know, our “Reach The Summit” Sale is in full gear! Have you visited us yet? Don’t make me pull the guilt card on you like some relative you haven’t seen in a long while. And please don’t be like me…the kind of person that thinks about buying his sporting equipment in the season for which its intended. As we all know, the prices are the highest then. You should be buying your camping and climbing gear in the off-season when you can get some ridiculous deals. Take for instance our Outdoor Products Zenith Internal Frame Backpack.

This thing is sweet! It’s a top loading multi-day hiking pack. It includes a vertical zipper for easy access, oversized mesh pockets for easy storage and a separate sleeping bag compartment. And it’s hydration compatible to boot! You want to talk about space? It’s got a whopping 5,900 cubic inches! For those of you that struggle in math, that’s a lot of space. All this for only $49.99. (Hurry, only 6 left!)

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