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Monday, January 19, 2009

Nikon Sportstar Binoculars

Green Pick-O-The-Week

So you’ve made the new year’s resolution to only buy only Green products this year. Good for you. (No, I don’t mean the color green. I’m mean earth friendly! What world do you live in, buddy? Why don’t you just jump into your Green Gremlin and drive to Ireland.)

Now, for those of you still reading this, you probably know you have to do a little more homework when you shop so you can find products that don’t contaminate the environment. We’re sure one of the first things on your list is a good pair of Binoculars. You’ll need this to make sure you’ve can see Al Gore clearly when he gives his speeches. These will also come in handy when you’re playing the game, “Spot the Prius” with your kids. Ahhh, such fun. For these times and others, we would suggest the Nikon 8×25 Sportstar Binoculars. The Sportstar comes with Eco-Glass optics that are free of both lead and arsenic. (It’s scary to think those OTHER binoculars have arsenic in them, isn’t it?) The Sportstar has been newly redesigned, is compact and lightweight, and comes with an attractive two-tone black and dark grey finish. The rubbercoating provides a comfortable grip and the multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds provide crisp, sharp viewing. Long eye relief makes the Sportstar the perfect compact choice for eyeglass wearers.

Add one more thing to the list of eco-peaceful products you own and the get Nikon Sportstar today!

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