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Monday, March 2, 2015

Oregon Scientific Portable Public Alert Radio

Due to a writer's strike at BigFire Camping Gear, the following product review is being given by me, Jim Spergousy, the web designer.

I ain't no wordsmith like that other fella that writes in this blog. All's I know is that I'm supposed to write something about this here radio. I guess he figured that since I got one of these I oughta know what I'm talking about.

Well, all I really can tell you is I don't recommend leaving home without one. The WR601N Emergency Portable Weather Radio provides emergency alerts anywhere in the U.S. When you're camping, traveling, boating, hiking, or working outdoors, use the WR601N to receive weather information and emergency broadcasts from the NOAA and National Weather Service.
Let me give you an example of why you might wanna get one of these. Me and my buddy Glen went camping last summer. We didn't even think about checking what the weather was going to be like. Glen has this super waterproof tent that can practically float on water, so I figured whatever the heavens could bring on wouldn't be a match for us. Uh, well, I was wrong. A damn lighting bolt hit a tree right next to us, and that baby came straight down on our tent. Luckily it landed right between ol' Glen and me. But that tent was ruined. Boy, Glen was pissed. Oops, I mean mad. We ended up sleeping in the truck that night. My back is still screwed up from that.
Anyway, like I said, I'm no writer, but I do talk from experience. GET ONE OF THESE!

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